5 Blogging Tips You Must Know in 2018

5 Blogging Tips You Must Know in 2018


Blogging is the main famous thing which is leading in the world of digitization. Everyone is going towards blogging and starting their online business rather than investing in any other physical business. Virtual business demands less investment rather than any other business and in return gives you a better revenue and profit. Today I will give you the 5 Blogging Tips you must know in 2018

Try to use WordPress:

When we start our online business, the first step is to find the best blog creator. It can be the WordPress, Joomla or any other software. I will suggest you use WordPress because it is the best platform which gives you unlimited options to customize your content. If you use Word Press then try to get blue host as your hosting provider service. Later you can change the host and put your own host but for the start of the business go with the flow and use word press

Customize your visual content:

The second step which leads you towards better blogging is your visual content. We know the Facebook and Pinterest are very famous and the main reason for its popularity is the visual content. The quality of image, videos or content which you see is the main attraction. We can take this perfect example on Facebook because Facebook is always loaded with images, videos and attractive new. This is the main center of attraction which makes us its addictive

Increase your Contact List:

The one major step to lead your blogging business depends on your contact list. The more contacts you have the more audience will come to your blogging site. Whenever you publish some blog, try to email it your contact list and tell them to subscribe your site. When you start your blogging business, try to give some giveaways to your subscribers, it will mark the good impression.

Learn how to use Google analytics:

You should know about the Google Analytics when you start your online business. It keeps a reputation of your site in each profundity, it tells how much individuals have seen your site. Which source is giving your more movement it is possible that it is work area or versatile. Which locale is looking through your site the most, what’s your hit catchphrases even it demonstrates the full chart and reports on your site? We can even make advertisements by means of Google examination and put it on our site which brings activity and cash both so in the event that you haven’t utilized Google Analytics at that point go and influence Google to record and utilize it.

Make long Content blogs:

When you start your online business try to make the long blogs and the words should be of maximum 1500-2000 words. It marks a good impression on you and it will engage more traffic rather than short contents or blogs. Do not do short little updates, make the large content and share it with your friends and family.

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Carolina Owens is a business graduate from London School of Economics. She likes to blog about latest business news and trends. She likes hanging out with friends in her free time. You can read her latest post on Outsourcing Virtual Assistants.

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