9 Super Smart Travel Hacks For Your Next Vacation

Okay, you may have a true wandering spirit, but getting packed for travel can be tiring from time to time. It can be frustratingly stressful and can completely degrade your mood.

No more, though !!

After many years of traveling and listening to travelers’ experiences, we’ve carefully crafted a list of super-smart travel hacks that can really change your life for the fact that you’re so curious. These hot-shot tips and tricks can really get you rolling without adding too much to your spending.

So, let’s prepare you for your next tour with the simple tricks you’re about to read:

1. Scan all important documents with you

Well, if you come across a problem where you have lost your documents, you may be in serious trouble. This is something you should always be prepared for. But no more, as the world is mobile, so should you. Scan all your documents such as your passport, ID, ticket, booking voucher, hotel ticket, visa, driver’s license, Aadhaar card, etc. That way you won’t even need to physically carry the documents as they are accepted almost everywhere. Email this folder to yourself and store it in the cloud and you’ll always have it with you.

2. Download Google Maps for offline use

Forget about getting lost, this never happens to you with Google Maps. Make some room on your phone and download Google Maps and find the area where you plan to travel. Then all you have to do is type “OK Map” into the search and press download. Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you should now be able to access ways in and around that area.

3. Be a smart spender

What if you could save a few extra bucks for basic expenses and spend them on the experience you love. OK, you can do it. It just depends on your budget and how smart you are with your purchase. All you need is something internet-savvy and check discounts on different hotel, bus, and flight ticket booking websites. You are definitely going to save a few extra bucks using a valid discount voucher and coupon code.

4. Lose the weight of your luggage and put it on top of you

Yes, that means if you are overweight in your luggage compared to airport luggage rules, you will need to wear your heaviest coats, jackets, sweaters, and shoes. These are the things you can take when you are sitting properly. Trust me, these airlines can literally charge you a hefty amount for carrying luggage in excess of the discounted weight.

5. Keep your things spread out in different places

Do not stress yourself by putting all the important documents and money in one place so that you are always intimidated, stressed and easily leaked if they are lost or stolen. So, you have to keep your documents, jewelry, cash, and ID cards in various places so that you can still do something about it, if sadly out of luck. Also, don’t carry too much cash, just secure your debit and credit cards and therefore online payment accounts.

6. Always carry a pillow and shower cap with you

Okay, this term is really prevalent but just because you don’t see such a pillow and shower cap. There are several things you can do with this case – put your clothes on it and make it a comfortable pillow for your trip, pack your puffy jacket on it and save some space, don’t use it to put on some extra clothing in the rest of the suitcase. Shower caps make for great shoe covers that keep your wardrobe and suitcase nice and clean.

7. Put a fragile sticker on your luggage

If you put a “fragile” -sticker in your luggage, it will not only be handled with extra care, but it will also be placed on the luggage compartment of the aircraft. So, first put in the conveyor belt. Yes, so you don’t have to wait long and you’ll be out of the airport before it starts crowding.

8. Place on a dryer sheet

If you are ready to plan some long trips, you should always carry a dryer sheet with you. The dryer sheet is meant to keep your laundry clothes on, as they can literally smell the entire suitcase obscene. Or you can drop a small soap, shower gel or nice body roll-on into your stuff to keep it smelling nice.

9. Don’t just throw away bottles of water

Yes, you’ve always had one with you. It is foolish to buy a bottle of expensive water every time you feel thirsty. You can simply keep your luggage and refill it. Like when you’re leaving the airport or leaving the hotel room or after eating a restaurant