How Technology Helps You To Get In Shape

How Technology Helps You To Get In Shape

Bodypump is a group fitness work-out that combines aerobics with strength exercises using a barbell. It’s a great work-out that lets you allow to train at your own level. This is because you control how many weights you want on your barbell.

You are in control!!

During the work-out you’ll train all the important muscle groups. The combination of cardio and strength exercises makes this work-out the fastest way to get in shape.


Bodypump is created by Leslie Roy Mills in New-Zealand. He owned several fitness centers. He thought that importing fitness equipment was very expensive. But he still wanted to offer a great fitness work-out for his customers. So he developed a work-out that combines aerobics with strength exercises. It became a big hit in New-Zealand and it is the fastest growing work-out in the world.

Easy To Do

One of the main reasons why bodypump is so popular is because it’s so easy to do. No complicated choreographies. Very easy to follow steps that anyone can do. And with a little help of some great up to beat music makes bodypump also a fun work-out. And even working out with other people is very motivating. So you see, bodypump is a work-out for everyone. It proves that you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to work with weights. A beginner will start with a low weight or even no weights at all. It’s important to focus on the posture of the body first then on the weights.

What are the benefits?

– Increases the muscle strength.

– Improves the muscle perseverance.

– Increases muscle volume.

– Reduces fat percentage.

– Stronger bones.

– Posture of your body will improve.

– Lose weight.

Every quarter the fitness centers will introduce new bodypump classes with new combinations and new music. After a while you will know the music and know the combinations. A lot of fitness group classes like aerobics have the disadvantage that the intensity level is not going up more. With bodypump you can add the intensity by adding another weight on the barbell. Although a lot of women are doing bodypump, men are also just starting to notice this work-out and find it to their surprise very intense.

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